it's now or never

Canadian fangirling all over the place. 5H ruined my life. for real. please send help.

soyeahum asked: What the FAQ?! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! 😜😜👻😛😬😂🙊🐳


I love you but I hate you 😑😩😭😭

Oh FAQ off! Hahahaha ditto homie ditto! 😘💙👻🙊🌻☺️

  • Mum: Can I borrow your laptop?
  • Me: *Deletes History*
  • Me: *Logs out of tumblr*
  • Me: *Double checks deleted history*
  • Me: *Close Chrome*
  • Me: *Open Internet Explorer*
  • Me: Sure

Camila and Lauren + stealing each other’s lines (then and now)

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